Secret Saltnic

Secret Saltnic – 30ml

Secret Sauce Salt Nic is here! Now Available in 30mg u0026amp; 50mg 30ml! Got sauce?




LATTE Saltnic

LATTE A twisted assortment of coffee and caramel – Secret Latte is an exclusive treat for coffee lovers. The tormenting flavor oaaf caramel adds up
with the traditional latte savor to reveal the finest vaping e-juice for you.




TOBACOO – Secret tobacco is a premium blend of exquisitely enriched tobacco with flavorful vanilla ice cream. This exceptional vape liquid assortment will unveil the secrets of tobacco and revitalize your senses to new dimensions.



CIGAR Saltnic

CIGAR-Secret cigar is a superb touch of pure and rich cigar, blended with vanilla cream custard and white nuts. It is the secret you’ve waited for a long time, to unlock all your vaping desires.


GRAPE Saltnic

GRAPE- Secret Grape offers an original essence of juicy, enriched and flavorsome grapes. One of the most exclusive aroma and  quintessence of grape – For you to vape!

Custard Saltnic

 CUSTARD Saltnic